The Company



Founded by Artistic Director Jose Cruz in 1999, Salseros Dance Company is dedicated to promoting Latino culture through salsa dance and music in the local community and beyond. We believe in the power of salsa to transcend differences and bring people together, and we are passionate about building community and sharing our love of Latin dance and music. Started in the mid-1960s from a variety of Latin influences, salsa is now an international phenomenon, and salseros (salsa dancers) can be found all around the world. Salseros Dance Company reaches hundreds of people each year through excellence in performance, instruction, and events. The company is comprised of three performance groups: Salseros On2 Group (main group), Salseros On1 Training Group, and the Salseros Ladies Styling Group.  

Salseros Dance Company has performed at venues and events including:

  • Seattle Salsa Congress
  • Rose City Salsa Festival
  • Eugene Salsa Festival
  • Portland Salsa Congress
  • Dance for a Reason (Hult Center for the Performing Arts)
  • Matthew Knight Arena
  • The Conga Club (Portland)
  • UO International Night
  • Vet’s Club Ballroom
  • Numerous private events



  • Jose Cruz
  • Michelle Cruz
  • Paula Tomczak
  • Tyler Tylinski
  • Jon Campollo
  • Naomi Campollo
  • Sandra Hahn
  • Leah Velez
  • Jeff Velez
  • Gabrielle Morse
  • Yesica Meza